Colorado community assistance center

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There are major differences in our Colorado community assistance center 

  1. We do not have a high priced company  C.E.O.  that takes a huge portion of your donation for his " payroll"
  2. We investigate and verify that every penny asked for is absolutely needed by the person or organization asking.
  3. The individual donating, decides how much and where their donation goes.
  4. All contributions are for Colorado community, persons, or organizations, we don't  send your hard earned money to New York or California.

To get our Colorado Community Assistance program up and rolling we do offer a general funding program.

100% of this program will go back into the Colorado community. less bank charges.

Where it goes specifically will be voted on in the Colorado home owners network members section by the Colorado home owner members. 


Our first program is to help Colorado families with children make it though the holidays.


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Our second program is focused on our Colorado veterans in need.


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On Christmas eve, and Christmas day while you, I , and other home owners are sitting with our families enjoying the holidays,  there are community firemen and police sitting alone who are unable to be with their Families because they stand ready to assist us if the need arises. 

Our desire is to hand deliver and present these individuals working on Christmas eve and Christmas day  


While we have some ideas on what this package will contain in the long run it will be contingent on the response we receive from local home owners and business.